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The Shelby County Schools Board voted to provide digital devices to ALL students throughout the district as well as WiFi to students based on need. The Board & SCS Administration provided good questions and answers around how to best support teachers, families, and ensure that SCS can financially sustain the technology plan. Ultimately, the important decision was made that this investment was needed now to do what’s best for students and families, particularly as uncertainty remains.

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Even in the midst of uncertainty, we must continue to build upon the progress made within our public education system. Published by the Daily Memphian and the Commercial Appeal, Kevin Woods shares his thoughts on the critical next steps needed to move beyond and learn from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading Shelby County Schools into the 21st century

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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

After careful consideration and countless conversations with family, community members, and friends, I have decided to seek re-election for Shelby County School Board. These are exceptional times and the health and well-being of our education system are at stake. I plan to stay committed to District 4 families and employees, as well as my fellow board members while we continue to work through these difficult challenges. Join our team at

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